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Dayle (Hall) Sundberg, a South Dakota native born and raised in the Irene and Viborg, South Dakota area, is a professional artist who graduated with honors in 2003 with a BFA in Sculpture from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. Her past sculptures have been very textural figurative works utilizing the female form as a powerful expression of art. With the goal of her art creating a dialog between the viewers, encouraging them to talk about mental health furing their trials, tribulations and stressors; illness, anger, loss and using art as their journey in their positive mental health healing process.

Sundberg transitions from paintings to mixed media pieces that are multi-layered combinations of emotions, music, symbols, color and often carry messages about the layers of experiences and emotions in our lives and society.

Sundberg’s sculptures are complex, memorable reflections on human suffering and endurance.  Often starting with a beautifully sculpted female form, she skillfully burns different types of fabric on each piece.  Everything is spontaneous and unpredictable as the fabrics morph into unique colors.  She scrapes, polishes, cleans, and beats the plaster, and then repeats the process.  One objective of her work is to educate the public about mental illnesses.  Often her art evokes conversation in the audience and encourages viewers to begin the healing process of past traumas.  While the broken pieces symbolize trauma, the white areas indicate the innocence and hope that still remains, even after such painful experiences.

Her paintings, as well as sculpture are influenced by artists Rodin, Calder, Neri and Segal. She creates works by using layers of paints combined with textures similar to Neri.  Creating each piece becomes a ritualistic event, symbolic of releasing pain and grief or, joy and celebration; a healing process of sorts.

Viewing the pieces reveals harshness in the textures reflecting damaged areas, but hidden in the layered marks are subtle areas that are sensuous and smooth, signifying hope and peace within us all.

She currently lives in rural South Dakota, owns Dayle Sundberg Art and Design by Dayle, volunteers in her community and is a member of several other organizations. 


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