I always go, go, go. And do and go, and do and go for everyone else, hours upon hours for others. For my family, for my friends, for my clients, I just go and do. Until I’m exhausted, my body aches, and I drop at night. I rarely do something for just me. Until this last week.

After a few crazy months of constantly being on the move for some quick and much-needed funding, I put it all aside and did this thing I’ve dreamt of for a few years. I took the road less traveled for a while.

The entrance to Pointers Ridge. Literally, you take the road less traveled!

I did an art residency with a friend for 4 full days of nothing but creating, talking, silence, arting, being in nature, being nearly unplugged, just reconnecting. No going, unless I wanted. Not doing unless I wanted. It was all on my terms and it was FRIKKEN awesome.

Art is in my blood, my soul and no one can take it away. It heals me and those who come into its path to learn and feel its peace, power, and place in the world.

I’m in this world to create.

And I’m meant to return to Pointers Ridge on a regular basis to go in the direction I’m meant to go in. If you’re lost in a world of “go go go, do do do”, stop it and take a break. Pointers Ridge isn’t just for visual artists, it’s for anyone to create their happy.