Creatin’ to the Beat

Creatin’ to the Beat

Must. Create. Art. I have been creating things my entire life. From snow creatures to luxury interiors to kids art classes, rustic decor and more; however, my favorite thing to create is my artwork. Sculptures, paintings, photography or art journals, it just does not matter, I just need to be creating. Art is my therapy.

There are days I need a little more inspiration beyond positive thinking and just saying I am going to work on my art. There is that stinkin’ thinkin’ that gets in the way some days, and my way to deal with that (besides curling up in a ball and taking a day long nap) is to jam to music. The louder the better in most cases, except when there are other people in the house trying to sleep or talk on the phone of course. And my go to men are Kid Rock and Paul Thorn, over, and over, and over for the past 8 or so years. Now don’t get me wrong, my album collection is vast from Johnny Cash, AC/DC, Nina Simone, Carly Simon, Beethoven, CCR and the list goes on, yet I continue to go back to my two main men.

The same music that gets my heart pounding and my feet bouncing, also get the creative juices flowing through my veins. And when I am creating, the music playing often influences the piece I am working on at that time. If I am painting, I find myself painting a pattern to the beat of the music and when the song is over it messes with my flow, so I will just replay the song until that part of the painting is satisfactory. I do this with my large sculptures also, where I add heavy texure using my drywall hammer and carving chunks out to the beat of the songs playing.

shoulder sculpture

I get lost in my art and the music while creating, it goes hand in hand for me. And may you find the beat that helps you Create Your Happy.

Until we meet again,

The Quirky One